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PPI Claims Template Letter

If you believe you have been mis sold one or more payment protection insurance policies with a form of credit in the last few years you may be eligible to make a claim back for the money. In order to do this you need to collect the details in regards to your loan/credit card and your policy and then write to your bank or lender. Writing a PPI claims letter is a relatively simple process for you to complete and to make it easier we have a PPI template letter ready for you to use.

This template PPI letter which can be used to make a payment protection insurance claim follows the standard format used by many other claimants. In order to use it to make your own payment protection insurance claim you simply need to add your own details, issues and reasons why the policy was mis sold as you see fit. It is important to include as much information as possible in your PPI letter to avoid the banks requesting further information or clarification as this will ultimately slow the process down and cause unnecessary delays. There are many ways in which a PPI policy could have been mis sold and you should ensure that you modify the PPI template letter in a way that includes all of the ways which are applicable to yourself.

It is important to include the details of the policy, if you do not have these available you can contact the bank/lender prior to making a claim and requesting the information on the loan and policy which you held. For all finance professionals who use a uniform for work purposes our readers are using the services of and receiving hundreds of pounds from HMRC to reclaim taxes.

Template PPI Claim Letter:

Policy details: (such as your bank details and policy number or credit card number)

To whom it may concern,

I purchased a (loan/credit card) from yourself on (insert date) and as my payment protection insurance policy on the account was mis sold to me I would now like the cost of the premium and the interest which I have paid refunded to me.

This policy was mis sold due to: (choose the options which made your payment protection insurance policy mis sold, you can feature as many valid options as you wish, the more applicable the better.)

I was under the impression by your staff that purchasing a policy was necessary to be accepted for the loan/credit card.

Your staff made me believe that buying a PPI policy would make me more likely to be accepted for the loan/credit card.

When sold the payment protection insurance policy I was in fact in part time employment/unemployed/student/retired and receiving a pension (delete as applicable) and as a result I would not have been able to make a claim on my payment protection insurance.

Despite being employed and eligible for the policy at the point of purchase no one made me fully aware of the terms and conditions such as potentially no longer being eligible to make a claim if there were any changes to my employment.

Although I was working at the time of taking the policy out I was planning retirement within the term of the policy and as a result would have not been able to claim on the policy at this point. I was not made aware of this issue prior to taking the policy out.

When I was sold the payment protection insurance I was under/over the age limit or would have become so during the policy and would not have been able to claim if required. I was not made aware of this issue.

I was not made aware that my previous medical issues/illnesses were not included in the policy. I was not asked about my previous medical history/I informed the staff about my previous medical issues and was not warned that this would affect the policy.

I was not made aware of the illnesses or medical conditions which would not be covered by the payment protection insurance policy.

I was not made aware of all of the policy terms, conditions and potential issues caused by changes in my circumstances. The policy was not fully explained to me.

I attempted to cancel the payment protection insurance policy during the cooling off period however this request was refused.

I was not informed that the policy was optional and I could purchase a policy from another bank or insurance provider.

I did not know that the PPI policy was being sold to me at the time.

Yours Faithfully,

If you have any further issues in regards to your payment protection insurance policy claim then these can all be added into your PPI claims letter and should be done so to ensure your letter and claim addresses all of your own personal circumstances, further dates, reasons and employment details can all be added to the template letter. If you have multiple policies with the same insurance provider it is possible to address both of these in one template PPI letter which will ultimately save you time.